Higg MSI Training Resources

How to Higg MSI Landing page

The How to Higg MSI home page gives you an overview of what training resources are available on howtohigg.org for the Higg MSI. From here you can navigate to an Introduction, Overview and Background, How to use the MSI (Step-by-Step), Guidance and Definitions and FAQ.

How to Higg MSI Contributor

The MSI Contributor allows anyone to submit materials production data to the Higg MSI. By submitting data to the Higg MSI through the MSI Contributor, you can help create a common language around materials sustainability for the apparel, footwear, and home textile industries. You can easily communicate to the world how a particular material is more or less sustainable than others.

From this page you will be able to access all information on the Higg MSI Contributor. The Getting Started page will teach you how to submit material production data to our database.

Higg MSI Training Videos

  • Higg Materials Sustainability Index overview: link
  • Higg Materials Sustainability Index Contributor overview: link
  • Higg MSI Onboarding: link
  • Higg MSI Deep Dive: link

Higg MSI Communication Guidelines

Learn how to communicate about your Higg MSI processes and outputs to audiences including internal colleagues, external business partners, and consumers. This link will take you to the downloadable Higg Index Beta Communication Guidelines.


Find Frequently Asked Questions about the MSI by clicking on this link.