Future METs


Product Tools

LCA Technical Advisory Group

Scope: Leverage member LCA expertise to: Review and inform on MSI/PM data updates (understanding changes within background data, etc), support to LCA-related FAQs for How to Higg, and identify opportunities for improved LCA data (new and updated data sources, etc)

Status: Postponed

Meeting frequency: TBD, likely monthly

Attendance: TBD 


Finished Goods Assembly Processes MET

Scope: Identify default assembly processes for each product category on the PM to increase scalability. The only primary data requirement will be BoM (fiber content as minimum), as opposed to adding assembly processes piece by piece, i.e. cms of cutting, sewing, etc.

Status: On hold (dependant on SC 2023 outcomes)

Meeting frequency: TBD, likely bi-weekly

Attendance: TBD