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The How to Higg FSLM page provides an overview of what training resources are available on howtohigg.org for the Higg FSLM. From here you can navigate to topics such as Introduction to FSLM, Prepare for the FSLM, Complete the FSLM, Understand FSLM results, Verification and FAQs

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SLCP Facility Guidance

Higg is an Accredited Host of the SLCP Converged Assessment Framework. The CAF is the backbone of Higg FSLM. The CAF consists of the Data Collection Tool, Verification Protocol and Guidance (Verifier, Facility). The Facility Guidance provides the facility with instructions on how to complete the self/joint-assessment and navigate the SLCP process.

Find the SLCP Facility Guidance on this website

Higg Facility Tools Webinars

On this page you can access multiple webinar recordings about Higg FEM and FSLM.

You will find the launch video of the latest CAF update and a video on FSLM scoring.

SLCP training webinars

On this page you can find SLCP training webinars in English, Chinese and Turkish on using the Data Collection Tool, the Verification process and the SLCP IT System (how to navigate the Gateway).

Higg FSLM Verification

Find all the information about the verification process of Higg FSLM on the designated How to Higg page here.

The Verification Protocol provides both the facility and Verifier with important information about the assessment process, verification procedures and rules. You can find the Verification Protocol here.

To see the current list of approved verifiers for SLCP/Higg FSLM, please consult this website of our verification partner Sumerra. 

Higg Adoption Tool Training Resources

The Higg Adoption Tool is an online tool that helps you manage your adoption cycle for Higg Facility Modules (FEM & FSLM) and the Higg Brand & Retail Module (BRM).

The tool is designed to assist you with the tasks involved in managing Higg Index adoption efforts with your value chain partners, providing visibility to module completion progress, verification status, Higg account data, and share request status.  

Get started learning about the Higg Adoption Tool on howtohigg.org/higg-adoption-tool/.
Find the Higg Adoption Tool Training Webinar following this link.

We often receive questions about how to upload a list of suppliers to add to a cadence rather than having to add them one by one.
This section will explain how to send invitations in bulk to add accounts to a specific cadence by uploading your CSV file.


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