Higg BRM Training Resources

How to Higg BRM Landing page

The How to Higg BRM homepage provides an overview of what training resources are available on howtohigg.org for the Higg BRM. From here you can navigate to An Introduction to Higg BRM, Getting Started, Step-by-Step instructions, Guidance and Definitions and FAQ.

Visit the How to Higg BRM homepage here.

Higg BRM Training Videos

  • Higg BRM 101: link
  • 2020 Higg BRM Onboarding Webinar: link
  • BRM Verification launch video: link

higg BRM 2020 Guidance 

In this section of the How to Higg website, you will find the guidance and other supporting resources useful to complete the Higg Brand & Retail Module tool. Please navigate through the guidance by navigating through the links appearing on the left side of this page.

Higg BRM 2020 Content Guidance

The Higg BRM 2020 Content Guidance contains detailed guidance for each primary question of the Higg BRM where you will be able to understand the intent of the question, related technical guidance, how this question will be verified and point you towards some helpful resources to help you improve. The content can be viewed online following this link or you can download the BRM Content Guidance in PDF format here.

higg BRM Verification

An overview of all information about Higg BRM verification can be found on Howtohigg.org/higg-brm-verification-program/.

Please find the BRM Verification Protocol, which outlines verification mindset, details on verification, person-day guidance for conducting verification and many such important details, here.

To see the current list of approved verifiers for HIgg BRM, visit the SAC BRM Verifier Body List on this website of our verification partner Sumerra.


Find Frequently Asked Questions about the BRM by clicking on this link.